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Homeopathy School Staff - Rebecca Azarelli

Rebekah Azzarelli

Acute Clinic Supervisor | CCH
This is dream work. I love being a part of a high quality clinical training program and contributing to Homeopathy research.
Born in the CMC Hospital, formerly known as Hahnemann Hospital, in Scranton, PA, it could be argued that Rebekah was destined for involvement in the world of homeopathy from the start. It found her again during her time on Mount Desert Island, Maine while under the masterful care of a professional homeopath. The clear results that she and her family experienced were an inescapable hook, leading to graduation from theSchool of Homeopathy, New Yorkin 2006, and nationalboard certification from theCouncil for Homeopathic Certification. Over the last fifteen years, her busy practice has evolved from its Brooklyn roots to her current work atBeacon Homeopathy, both in the beautiful Hudson Valley and worldwide via the modern magic of Telehealth.An activist and passionate lifelong learner, Rebekah embraces an ongoing commitment to community organizing for access to Homeopathy care and, along with her family, enjoys immersion in the self-directed education world. She has been volunteering as a practitioner with the Homeopathy Help Network since 2020 and is also delighted to support AHE students during their Acute Clinic Internships. Rebekah is over the moon to be actively involved in the further development of rigorous acute clinical training within the profession as HHN continues to expand access to Homeopathy for everyone.