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Short Courses

These lively and interactive classes will introduce students to the principles of homeopathic philosophy as well as how to use remedies for first aid, colds, stomach upset, and much more.

For the serious student, existing MDs, NDs, Birth Professionals, Nurses and more, we have an offering to enrich your current work.

Acute Care Homeopathy for Medical Professionals

This 150-hour course will cover foundational philosophy and therapeutics and culminate in AHE’s acute care internship.

Anyone who is an MD, DO, ND, NMD, DDS, DMD, NP, PA, or RN who holds a valid license to practice his/her profession in the U.S. is welcome to join our interest list and receive updates on the course

Demystifying the Theory & Philosophy of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a deep subject, and professional practitioners rely heavily on theory and philosophy for all aspects of practice, from case-taking to management. As a home prescriber, you might not want to go into the same depth of study as a professional, but having a solid foundation in theory and philosophy can take your home prescribing to the next level.

Homeopathy and Integrative Wellness

To fully understand the place of Homeopathy in the complementary medicine landscape, this course explores the four foundations of wellness: Food, Movement, Mindfulness, and Holistic Healing. This is a free lecture series with Denise Straiges, CCH, RSHom(NA), PC. Join us for one or all four! It’s a great way to enhance your studies in Homeopathy and get a taste of the AHE experience.

The History of Medicine: Health & Healing Around the Globe

Join Alastair Gray for a fascinating journey through the history of medicine. This is a free lecture series. Join us for one or all four! It’s a great way to enhance your studies in homeopathy and get a taste of the AHE experience.

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