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Day: February 1, 2022

Alastair's Reflections on Mischa, Part 4

Teaching Around The World

Part four and final episode a reflective conversation with Alastair as he begins teaching, speaking, and insights he gained from Misha Norland as he is a few years into his

Alastair's Reflections on Mischa, Part 3

Walks at Yondercott With Misha

Part three of Alastair’s quiet reflections on being a student of Misha and his time at Yondercott. https://vimeo.com/683509445/e01edfd43e

Alastair's Reflections on Mischa Norland, Part 2

Acute Case Taking with Misha Norland

Part two of Al’s memories with Misha Norland. In this episode we discover the joys of acute case taking and the powers of Silicea at work in the life of