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Professional Programs

Reimagining Homeopathy Education

AHE is dedicated to providing all students and practitioners in our field with access to high-quality education and certification opportunities.

AHE provides various paths through our program, depending on your desired outcome. Our Professional Homeopathy Programs cater to students who aspire to pursue a clinical or research practice in the field of homeopathy or integrative medicine. Full-time and part-time programs are available, which are fully accredited and provide students with the required number of didactic and clinical hours to prepare for the national certification exam as given by The Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).

We also offer Introductory, Acute Care, Acute Care for Medical Professionals, Clinical Training, and Post-Graduate Programs.

New cohorts begin in January and September, and we encourage transfer students to apply as well. 

AHE Professional Homeopathy Training Program

The AHE Professional Homeopathy Training Program provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a certified homeopathic practitioner, part-time or full-time.

This 100% virtual course includes everything needed to reach the goal of certification: 500 didactic hours including coursework in philosophy, history, materia medica, therapeutics, practitioner development, and acute and chronic clinical training and supervision, plus 500 clinical hours, clinical supervision, and a comprehensive health sciences course. All clinics are live cases. You will be eligible to take the CCH exam after completing the program.

AHE Professional Homeopathy Training Program + Plus

AHE Professional’s Homeopathy Training Program + Plus is a comprehensive 100% virtual course designed for individuals aspiring to become master homeopaths

The program can be done part-time or full-time and includes everything from our foundational program to prepare you to sit for the national certification exam plus a suite of post-graduate courses delving into advanced methods of prescribing, advanced materia medica and therapeutics, complex and long-term case management for autoimmune conditions and PANS/PANDAS, research, provings, and more. Students in the Plus program can attend an unlimited number of clinics for a fully immersive experience. 

Clinical Training Packages

The AHE clinic sees live cases only and offers stand-alone clinical training packages to certified practitioners. We specialize in the soulful use of technology and have created an intimate learning space in a clinical setting. Unlike other programs that give ‘hours’ for paper cases or pre-recorded video cases, AHE has built a busy live telehealth clinic with clients of all ages and walks of life to bring our students a diverse clinical experience addressing the most prevalent 21st-century health challenges.

The AHE clinic far exceeds all Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) and ACHENA requirements. It is the ONLY school in North America to provide an Acute Care Internship. We offer stand-alone clinical training packages to certified practitioners.

AHE Advanced Professional Post-Graduate Program

AHE’s Advanced Professional Post-Graduate Program is a two-year program designed for graduates who wish to take their homeopathy practice to the next level. With unlimited clinic opportunities and graduate-level courses, this program provides a comprehensive and flexible learning experience for students.

The program includes advanced study in Hahnemann’s Theory of Chronic Disease, Materia Medica and Critical Thinking, Therapeutics, Complex and Long-term Case Management, History, Research, and Methods of Prescribing.

Students can also choose to add on an Acute Clinic internship, and clinical supervision.

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