The Academy of Homeopathy Education is the first and only homeopathy school in the US to offer a full-time pathway to certification. With rigorous academics and unparalleled clinical training delivered live through the soulful use of cutting-edge technology, AHE prepares its students to become fully-rounded homeopathic practitioners from any city in the world. AHE is the preferred educational provider for the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH).

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AHE's Core Points of Difference

Spend a few minutes with Alastair Gray and Denise Straiges as they discuss what makes the Academy of Homeopathy Education the stand-out option for becoming a professional homeopath. Learn more about how AHE holistically guides proficient mastery. They discuss how providing live telehealth clinics and lectures with world-renowned educators, mixed with the soulful use of technology, creates the fertile soil for a living, vibrant community of students who graduate prepared to practice in today’s world. AHE has a long, rich history that has been curated with critically thought-out methods for delivering academically sound philosophy with consideration of the best methods for adult learning.

AHE: The Core Points of Difference

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Our faculty and staff bring a lifetime of excellence with a focus to serve their community.

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SRP Podcast Episode 60: Kerfuffles, Homeopathy Provings & Ethics

What are the things that a healthy person who’s exploring participating in a Homeopathy proving needs to consider before eagerly raising their hand for the journey? Reflecting on decades of experience, we share our take on some of the ways provings may impact individuals, couples and even family members!

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SRP Podcast Episode 59: Homeopathy Research- Who’s Coming To See Us?

Who are the clients coming to the Homeopath? There is data about who’s using complementary medicine, but the data about who’s coming to see the Homeopath still needs to be collected at scale. With the help of our data angels the Practitioner Generated Research Network (PGRN) aims to answer this question and more. Join us!

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