The AHE NYC | World homeopathy clinical training program is a vibrant, hands-on learning environment designed to empower competent and confident professional practitioners. We believe that success in practice is directly related to the quality of clinical training. To that end, our rigorous program emphasizes long-term case follow-up, practitioner development and practice management.
AHE NYC | World offers more clinic days than any program in the US. Unlike other models that grant ‘hours’ for paper cases or pre-recorded video cases, at AHE we are fortunate to run a busy live clinic with clients of all ages and walks of life with the most diverse imaginable presenting complaints. Our homeopathy clinical training exceeds all requirements of the CHC and ACHENA.
All clinics are offered live-streamed to students around the world. Through advanced tele-medicine technology, students can see live clients from wherever they are in the world. From Hawaii to Texas, Utah to Florida, Corsica to Moscow It is not unusual for our clinic classes–and clients to span multiple timezones, in real-time interactions!
Our clinic offers 500 hours of live cases, analysis, and case management instruction to all enrolled students. A peer mentorship program follows the “see one, do one, teach one” philosophy and provides students with hands-on experience in what it means to be a professional homeopath from the very beginning of their clinical study.
This integrated clinical training model is unique to AHE NYC | World and we are thrilled with the success that our alumni have had in their professional lives.
The AHE NYC | Clinic is a fully interactive and lively learning experience that has been specifically designed to guide students through every stage of the process. Our experienced clinical staff demonstrate a wide variety of case-taking techniques and work to elucidate the complexities of case evaluation with in-depth, step-by-step guidance.
With appreciation for homeopathy’s greatest gift of “individualization,” AHE’s clinical training doesn’t adhere to one particular methodology or pedagogy. Rather, our students are exposed to a wide range of case taking and analytical techniques and will be introduced to multiple ways to approach the applied art and science of homeopathy. We believe that this produces well-rounded practitioners who approach each client with a beginner’s mind…
Our clinic is a supportive, collaborative environment that facilitates student growth into independent practice.

“The core point of difference at AHE NYC | World is its clinical focus. This is best seen in our clinical program which considers the development of the practitioner – as well as the development of a successful practice – alongside the practical application of homeopathy theory and philosophy. Our clinical training also includes a mentorship model designed to move students directly into practice upon graduation. You will develop clinical confidence with excellent client outcomes. AHE offers more clinical training hours and opportunities than any other program in US.”

AHE NYC | World is pleased to offer its clinical training to non-matriculated students seeking to deepen their learning and achieve certification goals. 



At AHE NYC | World, clinical training begins in your first week of study. We have found that when students understand the applied nature of their academic work, things simply make more sense.

In our clinic, all students take part in a supervised pilot project to audit their individual and clinic cases and also learn to use patient outcome satisfaction outcome surveys. Through simple yet important practice-based research, each student has the opportunity to apply research theory to clinical practice.

Long Term Follow-Up and Case Tracking
All case information (case notes, analyses and follow-ups) are available on our Learning Management System so that students can follow the progress of all clinic clients over time, helping to fully elucidate the complexities and nuances of long-term case management. This is a major point of difference in our program and we believe it is an integral part of our student success.

Practice Building 
Every client in our busy clinic is ultimately released to the practice of an advanced student or alumni, thus facilitating the growth of a thriving practice.

Capacity Building and Mentorship
Peer mentorship is at the heart of our program. Every client is assigned a Case Coordinator and a Case Manager. The Case Manager is an advanced student working with a clinical supervisor in the ongoing management of that client and is responsible for mentoring a junior student in the important skills needed to manage clients in practice.

The AHE NYC | World Clinic – In Summary

  • All clients are seen live, and in real time.
  • We do not use video cases to fulfill the clinical requirements of CHC or ACHENA.
  • Our clinical training is a pathway into the profession because it prepares students on every level.
  • We offer multiple clinic days every month: weekdays, evenings, weekends.
  • Our case taking and analytical methods are client driven; not a one size fits all model.
  • AHE NYC | World students utilize all of the most modern tools of analysis as appropriate.
  • Students are hands-on with the management and business skills necessary to succeed in the professional practice of homeopathy.
  • We welcome students or graduates from other schools to ‘top-up’ the clinical hours.