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Homeopathy Research

Homeopathy's research base is strong.

Thousands of high-quality clinical and pre-clinical studies have been done to date. To learn more about homeopathy research, visit this link and check out the studies below.

A large study conducted in France showed that patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders had a 50 percent reduced usage of conventional pain medication by being under the care of a physician who specializes in prescribing homeopathic medicines (Rossignol, Begaud, Engel, et al, 2012). 


These were statistically significant in favor of Homeopathy over conventional care for headaches including migraine, asthma, dermatitis, and depression.       


In 2020, the Swiss health insurer SECURVITA released data on 15,700 patients treated with Homeopathy, comparing this group to an equally large number receiving conventional care.  They found that those receiving Homeopathic care fared significantly better and needed fewer conventional drugs than those not receiving Homeopathic care.  


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