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With the finest teachers, a proven curriculum, and an engaged, interactive student body, together we provide the means for all students everywhere to reach their goals. We stand for universal access to the highest standards and academic rigor in homeopathy education… committed to individual attention, mentorship, and nurturing a vibrant and inclusive learning community.


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“I feel super lucky to have Alastair and Denise as my teachers! They are not only amazing teachers but wonderful people. Their passion and dedication to the field of homeopathy is impressive. I am not sure if or when they ever sleep…but I know that when they show up to class, they are doing what they love and even though they have probably taught that class 100 times before, they make it feel new and exciting. I am so grateful to be learning from these masters!”
– Sally


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“The classmates’ active participation allowed for opinions to be challenged as well as for collective experiences to inform case management and remedy selection, thus amplifying the learning process. By graduation, transition from the student clinic setting to private practice was that much less daunting as I had so much of the clinic experience to draw on.”
– An AHE Graduate


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“Thank you so much for your webinar tonight… you’re a refreshing, evidence-based, intelligent, sensible, funny and contagiously enthusiastic voice…”
– Linda, AHE Student

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