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Our Values

At AHE we lead with our values.

We teach a rigorous curriculum and apply the latest adult education theory with blended, flipped and problem-based approaches. We use a diverse balance of educational learning technologies, to enhance quality and reach more students through flexible course delivery modes. Students can choose live-streamed courses and blended/recorded courses to best fit their learning style and location.


Our faculty are passionate about blending evidence-informed medicine with the wonder of the natural world and human experience in a collaborative realm of discovery that engages heart, mind and soul.


We teach evidence-informed homeopathy and conduct research in our own clinics, encouraging students to integrate research methods and culture into their clinical practices.


Studying at AHE enables you to recognize the value in reconnection to nature, reconnection with vital force, and reconnection among the mind, body, and intuition through the healing process.


There’s a lot of it.

We support our rigorous learning with a good dose of laughter. You will not be bored–that is guaranteed!

Homeopathy school - taking notes

Academic Support

Every AHE student is matched with a learning concierge, an academic caseworker, and an online engagement specialist. Our team has conducted thousands of webinars over the years, and we utilize the best of 21st-century technology to allow students to engage in the classroom in real-time. We understand the discordance of learning about the natural world online, so we consciously use technology to augment learning instead of hindering it.

Our Curriculum

AHE has a spiral curriculum that is designed, curated, engineered and sculpted. We use blended learning educational andragogy and theory. We utilize problem-based learning, flip our classrooms, provide expert content and keep it real with our integrated clinical training. In some cases, Flexible Independent Learning Contracts can be written with specific blended possibilities based on the needs of the student.