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What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an elegant philosophy for living.

It’s about balance and self-observation and self-listening. It is also a system of medicine that applies a specific set of principles based on a concept of similars; treating symptoms with substances that create those symptoms. Moreover, it uses a bank of incredible medicines that are gentle yet powerful. It is a whole system of medicine that fosters health, transforms lives, maintains balance; truly 21st century medicine. Homeopathy addresses acute illness and also chronic disease. It is a resource for dynamic, busy people to be heard and understood by specialized practitioners to ensure that they can remain in balance, calm and as symptom free as possible in the world without drama or suffering.

Homeopaths apply a principle of similarity as their therapeutics. That means, if a toxic substance can produce symptoms in a healthy person, that substance has the capacity to cure those exact symptoms when given to a patient with those symptoms. It is an idea that has been used in medicine for 2500 years. Homeopaths treat the whole person, each individual patient is treated as an individual. It’s natural medicine at its best.

What does it do?

Because of that principle of similarity and the reality that homeopaths use thousands of medicines which have an impact on mental emotional and physical symptoms, there is very little that a Homeopath cannot treat successfully. It creates change by applying this principle of similars, not opposites, as any other branches of medicine use. A metaphor: what sort of music do you listen to when you are sad? Melancholic or Happy? There are many ways to create change.

What doesn't it do?

What does it look like? There are no trees to be hugged, machines to step into or any other obscure procedure. We talk. The homeopathic consultation is longer than most. It can last up to an hour as the practitioner seeks to earn and trace the disease or condition in its entirety, and prepare an assessment and treatment strategy which is tailored to the individual. It is not about altering someone’s personality. You don’t change an orange into a lemon, but you can make it a happy orange. it is about the removal of symptoms, working with orthodox practitioners in an integrative way.

It is an idea that has been used in medicine for 2,500 years. Homeopaths treat the whole person – each individual patient is treated as an individual. It’s natural medicine at its best.

What is the medicine?

There are thousands of specially prepared medicines all taken form the natural world. Preparation is very specific according to pharmacopeia standards. Infinitesimal dilutions are created in laboratories and distributed world-wide Research to support its claims Clinical trials have over and over proved the efficacy of Homeopathic Medicine. From its earliest successes in the cholera epidemics of the nineteenth century homeopathy consistently stands up to the rigor of the 21st century clinical trial on a trial by trial basis and in meta-analysis. Repeated trials as to its efficacy in diarrhea, allergic rhinitis, trauma and shock have been consistently published in journals such as the Lancet and British Medical Journal.

Furthermore, the results of trials by theoretical and nuclear physicists repeatedly verify the efficacy of homeopaths use of the infinitesimal dose to stimulate the immune response of the body and create therapeutic change. Modern pharmacies the world over are creating products, trialling them extensively and retailing them in pharmacies and outlets globally.


Deeper healing

Because homeopathy creates change at a fundamental cellular and molecular level it is often the pivotal and primary therapy modality. Homeopathic Medicine is perfectly suited to take a central role in the treatment of patients choosing an integrative approach to health solutions. There is no impediment created by a patient taking homeopathic medicine in addition to any other treatment or medicine from another healing modality. There are no documented contraindications or drug interactions with other medicines or therapies. Homeopathy is a comprehensive medical system that can treat most conditions from arthritis to varicose veins, from constipation to concussion, from piles to complaints during pregnancy, from newborn babies to senior citizens.

The 3 Essential Principles


Similarity between the toxicity of the substances and their therapeutic effect

Minimum Dose

Using the minimum force required to get a healing reaction and encourage the self-healing properties of the body to re-engage


Holistic and individualized approach to all patients