HOHM Partners Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative with the following four-fold mission:

  1. Make homeopathy accessible to all via free and low-cost clinical services, including targeted projects for the homeless and addicted populations. For the past two years, we have been engaged with a medical clinic in Harlem/NYC providing free homeopathy consultations and remedies one day each week.  Both client satisfaction and clinical outcomes underscore the success of this project. It is our goal to provide a comparable offering in Philadelphia in 2019 and to provide guidance to those seeking to implement a similar model in other locations.
  2. Conduct high-quality, outcomes-based research with the intention to publish in peer-reviewed journals to bring awareness of the efficacy of Homeopathy to the larger scientific/integrative medical community. By the end of 2018, we expect to have close to 200 cases from the AHE Clinical Training Hub and our outreach clinic. These cases (initial intakes and follow-ups) include videos/transcripts as well as detailed explanation of the methodologies and analytical strategies employed. All cases are also rated on the MYMOP, a client driven “outcome measurement” tool that is well accepted in the field of complementary/integrative medicine.
  3. Provide scholarships for undergraduate Homeopathy study as well as funding of Homeopathy research at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Well trained professionals and high-quality research are two key elements needed to further the field of Homeopathy in the US. To that end, HPF endeavors to financially assist committed students to achieve their goal of study and certification in Homeopathy and to encourage further academic research.
  4. Curate a comprehensive historical and research library. In addition to the foundational resources of The Academy of Homeopathy Education, HOHM Partners Foundation is the proud recipient of the Jay Yasgur antiquarian book collection that includes the research materials utilized to write his seminal work, The Homeopathic Dictionary. The HPF Library supports students, professionals and the interested public in the pursuit of deeper knowledge of Homeopathy and its historical context in the scientific world.

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