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AHE and AIH Partnership

AHE has recently been endorsed by the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) as their preferred educational provider. Founded in 1844, AIH is the oldest medical association in the United States. We are honored that the quality of our program is being acknowledged, that we have pushed the limit of what we thought was possible, and raised the bar in academic and clinical training and research. It inspires us to do an even better job. Historically our program has been 20-25% licensed medical professionals. 

Thank you to our faculty, administration, the HHN team, friends, and colleagues who have encouraged us along the way and provided inspiration, support, and recognition of all that needs to be done to train good homeopaths and helped us to get AHE to the point where it is today.

Acute Care Homeopathy for Medical Professionals course will launch in September 2022. This 150-hour course will cover foundational philosophy and therapeutics and culminate in AHE’s acute care

Anyone who is an MD, DO, ND, NMD, DDS, DMD, NP, PA, or RN who holds a valid license to practice his/her profession in the U.S. is welcome to join our interest list and receive updates on the course.