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Our Approach

HOHM Foundation has a four-fold approach:


Make clinical homeopathy care 
accessible to all

Make homeopathy accessible to all by offering free and donation-based clinical services. The Homeopathy Help Network is a joint venture with the Academy of Homeopathy Education; HHN offers high-quality, acute and chronic care services overseen by top-level professional homeopaths in a collaborative, peer-mentorship model. All cases contribute to the HOHM research initiatives and include outcomes-based measurement and public health and epidemiological tracking. HHN has set a goal to see 5,000 cases each year, culminating in a five-year, 25,000 acute case series. We aspire to guide more homeopaths in implementing a similar model both remotely and in their physical locations.


Establish a body of high-quality homeopathy research

Establish the unimpeachable legitimacy and efficacy of homeopathy by publishing data-driven, outcomes-based research in peer-reviewed journals. Our research reflects thousands of hours of clinical casework and details the methodologies and analytical strategies at the heart of homeopathy philosophy and praxis. HOHM Foundation supports historical research with the intention of better defining the appropriate applications of homeopathy, and re-situating homeopathy in general, and Hahnemann in particular, in the historiography of science and medicine.


Fund homeopathy study and research at every level

Fund scholarships for undergraduate homeopathy study and grants for homeopathy research at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Well-trained practitioners with strong clinical skills and rigorous, high-quality research are a critical element in establishing the widespread embrace of homeopathy. We have a responsibility to financially enable committed students to achieve their certification in homeopathy and to support the highest standards in academic research.


Curate a comprehensive historical and research library

By understanding history, we create a better future. We are honored that our resource library features the Jay Yasgur antiquarian book collection, including the research materials he consulted to write his seminal work, The Homeopathic Dictionary, alongside the foundational resources of The Academy of Homeopathy Education. We support students, professionals and the interested public in the pursuit of knowledge through the study of homeopathy, its historical context, and its place in shaping the future of human health.