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Homeopathy School Staff - Erika Simonian

Erika Simonian

Clinical Supervisor | CCH
Suppressing a single symptom with disregard for the entire dis-ease state, is akin to turning off the fire alarm because you don't want to hear it.
Erika is a graduate of the School of Homeopathy, New York, the US arm of the Devon School of Homeopathy in England. Her private practice, New York Homeopathy, has been based in Manhattan since 2006. Erika serves a clinical practice supervisor for students of the Academy of Homeopathic Education, combining her love of homeopathy and her love of mentoring brilliant, budding homeopaths! She was a co-founder of Homeopathy Open House, a low cost, walk-in clinic that served south Brooklyn from

2008-2010, and she is also a co-writer of the National Center for Homeopathy’s forthcoming study guide, “Homeopathy 101: Using a Homeopathic Kit at Home.”