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SRP Podcast Episode 41: Constitutional Prescribing & Chronic Remedies in Homeopathy

In this week’s episode, we dive into…

  • The definition of “constitution” as used in The Organon 

  • Why the concept of one’s constitution became important in Western medicine in the 19th century & the beginnings of the insurance industry. 

  • The timeline of constitutional prescribing, constitutional remedies, and when an overarching emphasis on spirituality & mental symptoms emerged.

  • A review of “Homeopathy is a thing” established on universal laws.

  • Reasons why “Classical” isn’t a dirty word in Homeopathy.

  • If the case books of charismatic and entertaining teachers match the methods they’ve been teaching about.

  • How Aphorism 171 became “you’ve got one shot to find the person’s simillimum mythology.”

  • The need to study and learn how to do long-term case management. 

Strange Rare Peculiar is a weekly podcast with Denise Straiges and Alastair Gray of the Academy of Homeopathy Education, discussing everything you REALLY need to know about homeopathy.

We’ll look at philosophy, practice, research, and education–all with a little bit of history. If you want to know why we still can’t get enough homeopathy after a combined 50+ years of study and practice, we invite you to join the conversation! Please help us spread the word by sharing this with someone in your life who would like to learn more about homeopathy.

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