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The History of Medicine: Health & Healing Around the Globe

Homeopathy School - The History of Medicine Short Course with Alastair Gray

Join Alastair Gray for a fascinating journey through the history of medicine.  

This is a free, live lecture series designed to enhance your studies in homeopathy and get a taste of the AHE experience. 

  • April 15 @ 7 pm EST: Introduction to the Landscape of Natural Traditional Complementary Medicine
  • April 29 @ 7 pm EST: The Fundamentals of Health Throughout History – Shamanism & Herbalism, Traditional Medicines Around the World
  • May 13 @ 7 pm EST: Healing Through the Ages – Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece & Rome, Dark & Middle Ages & Medieval Medicine Through the Renaissance, Paracelsus to Hahnemann – The Age of Reason – 18th Century
  • May 30 @ 7 pm EST: Vitalism Evidence and Tradition – Western Health History – 19th c., The Role of the Mind in Medicine & the 20th c. Development of Psychology

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About Alastair

Originally educated as a historian, Alastair teaches the history of health, healing, and medicine at schools, colleges, and universities in multiple countries. He teaches at and heads up the academic, operations, course development, research, and learning technologies departments at AHE. He is a regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide and the author of 23 books and numerous articles on primary research in natural medicine. Read more about Alastair.