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AHE Alumni Spotlight: Bethany Huss

It’s always fun to hear how people come to homeopathy. We have a saying: You don’t find homeopathy; homeopathy finds you! AHE alumni Bethany Huss was a nurse for almost 20 years specializing in surgical and trauma nursing before switching gears to study homeopathy. She is a beloved part of our AHE community, and we are so thankful she did! 

Like many of us, Bethany came to understand and learn about homeopathy when becoming a mother and never turned back. She has been using homeopathy for almost seventeen years now. Eventually, she couldn’t suppress her desire to learn more about homeopathy and enrolled in AHE’s part-time program.

Because of her background as a nurse, it was essential to her that the program she chose was rigorous, accredited, and had live clinical training. AHE was an excellent match for her with live classes and clinical training and the see one, do one, teach one mentorship model. 

She is excited about her future as a homeopath because homeopathy is gentle, affordable, fills in the gaps, and plays nicely with other modalities.

Listen to her full story below and follow her on social media here