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Homeopathy Student Holiday Wishlist

Tis the season of giving! It is a wonderful time of year with gatherings, good food, and gift giving. However, It can be so difficult to figure out gifts that will be enjoyed and appreciated in today’s world! Things move so fast and thoughtful gifts require some effort.

This blog will give some ideas for perfect gifts for the homeopathy student in your life! Between class, clinics, assignments and case work… a minimum dose of homeopathic holiday cheer will be most welcome!

First up on the list- a 2023 desk calendar featuring 12 famous and influential homeopaths that has shaped the modality as we know it today. These beautiful images were hand drawn by an AHE student and are potentized with intention and light to remind the homeopath in your life that they are not alone and backed by these homeo-greats as they pursue this important work.

This is more than just a decorative tea towel! This is a reminder to the homeopathy student in your life that they are making a difference in the world. They are training to help people and learning how to rebuild themselves through the important inner work that is required to be an unprejudiced observer. Being a homeopath is more than just a job- it is a mission to make the world a better place… One conversation about dreams, cravings, and stools at a time. 

Amazon or other gift cards are always a welcome gift! Whether students are needing to buy new homeopathy books (we are a little addicted, ok?), snacks, the newest trendy tea, or some desk slippers- a gift card can never steer you wrong! What’s better than helping a student get something they need?

Much of the work that a homeopath does, especially during school, is at the computer. Many individuals are sensitive to long hours of exposure to electronics, but there are some things that can help! A grounding mat at their desk will help your loved one to stay more in tune and reduce some of the impacts of technology use. It can help to improve mood and energy and be helpful for those times of year that are more difficult to get sufficient time outdoors. 

We can’t make it through a blog without at least one good book recommendation! Well… we could… but we mustn’t! Hahnemann Revisited is a wonderful book that dives into the history and life of Dr Samuel Hahnemann. By becoming a homeopathy student, everyone becomes a bit of a history buff by proxy! Students at AHE get a good deal of homeopathy history lectures, but nothing beats a good book to snuggle down with.

Stay tuned for more holiday wish lists in the coming weeks!

Save the date for January 5th, 12th, and 19th for the HOHM Foundation Potentized Benefit Seminar which will feature talks from Denise Straiges, Alastair Gray, and Kelly Callahan! The Benefit Seminar will keep you captivated and wanting more. This Seminar series will be offered for free – with the goal of fundraising for HOHM Foundation. HOHM Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit initiative with the goals to make homeopathy accessible to all, conduct quality research, provide scholarships for undergrad homeopathy study, and curate an extensive historical and research library.

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