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SRP Podcast Episode 13: Miasmatic Groundhog Day

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • How the modern interpretation of miasms and chronic disease theory doesn’t connect very closely with what Hahnemann was trying to tell us. 
  • The medical lessons of Syphilis and Hahnemann’s observation that the depth of chronic disease permeates the entire organism not just the part where symptoms first show up. 
  • Translating the named conditions of today and asking clients for characteristic symptoms so we can decode a diagnosis and approach chronic disease as taught by Hahnemann into clinical practice. 
  • The Latinization of Arabic information from the Silk Road’s journey of knowledge. It wasn’t just spices! 
  • What Al has realized about the intellectual origins of homeopathy from following Denise around dusty libraries in Europe. 

Strange Rare Peculiar is a weekly podcast with Denise Straiges and Alastair Gray discussing everything you REALLY need to know about homeopathy. We’ll look at philosophy, practice, research, and education–all with a little bit of history. If you want to know why we still can’t get enough homeopathy after a combined 50+ years of study and practice, we invite you to join the conversation! Please help us spread the word by sharing this with someone in your life who would like to learn more about homeopathy.

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