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SRP Podcast Episode 51: The Life of a Homeopath- Cases, Teaching, Research and More!

Welcome to Strange Rare Peculiar, a weekly podcast with Denise Straiges and Alastair Gray of the Academy of Homeopathy Education discussing everything you REALLY need to know about homeopathy.

We’ll look at philosophy, practice, research, and education–all with a little bit of history. If you want to know why we still can’t get enough homeopathy after a combined 50+ years of study and practice, we invite you to join the conversation! 

In this week’s episode, we dive into…

  • Denise’s early morning case work

  • Al’s special interest in mulch and soil

  • A bit more on Boenninghausen

  • Critical thinking,vetting reference materials & provings

  • The three stages of understanding homeopathy 

  • Pitfalls & practical considerations of groups and themes

  • Insight into Denise’s research on Hahnemann & alchemy

  • Aphorism 269 

  • Creating the index of symptoms known as a Repertory- From cut and paste to software.

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About Denise Straiges:

Denise Straiges MA, CCH, RSHom(NA), PCH is fiercely committed to raising the bar in academic and clinical training for all Homeopaths. She is the President and Clinical Director of The Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE) and established HOHM Foundation, whose initiatives include the Homeopathy Help Network, a not-for-profit, research-based initiative focused on delivering high-quality, affordable Homeopathy care to all. Under her leadership, AHE was named the preferred educational provider for the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH), the oldest medical society in the US Denise has taught for numerous homeopathy schools in the US and abroad and has been an invited speaker at conferences around the world in homeopathy, integrative wellness, and spirituality in medicine. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her work includes original, primary research focused on the origins of homeopathy, in particular, Hahnemann’s influences in The Chronic Diseases and the evolution of potency. She is writing a practical, in-depth compendium on Case Analysis.  


About Alastair Gray

Alastair Gray has a Ph.D. in Public Health. More specifically he is an expert in the field of Complementary Medicine education. Much of his research has a focus on technologies in the field of CM and learning technologies in the education of future practitioners. He teaches at and heads the academic, operations, and research at the Academy of Homeopathy Education. In addition, he holds various consulting roles: academic (College of Health and Homeopathy, NZ), educational (National Centre for Integrative Medicine, UK), as well as consulting to many organizations on homeopathic provings and e-learning worldwide. A regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide and having spent a decade in the higher education arena in Australia, he is the author of 23 books and numerous articles on primary research in natural medicine. Originally educated as a historian, he teaches the history of health, healing, and medicine at schools, colleges, and universities in multiple countries. Alastair has been in practice for more than 30 years.


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