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The Top 5 Homeopathy Books For Beginners

It’s no secret that we LOVE books here at AHE. People always ask what our favorites are and it’s time to spill the beans. We thought we’d start at the very beginning to help our friends who are just getting started with homeopathy. We are thrilled you’ve decided to embark on this journey of discovery and are here to support you along the way. These are the top five books we recommend for beginners. There are MANY more books we love, so check back for more recommendations as you build your homeopathy book library!

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Homeopathy Basics

by Priscilla Medders

Homeopathy Basics is the perfect book to define and describe what GOOD homeopathy care looks like. Priscilla has included some incredible stories and her writing style is so easy to learn from. Priscilla studied at AHE- we can’t brag on her enough. This would be the best Christmas gift for friends and loved ones!


Homeopathy: Start Here

by Ann Jerome

Next up is Homeopathy: Start Here. Ann Jerome gives some pointers on where to start with your journey in homeopathy. She was an instructor at AHE and is one of our favorite people. She teaches in a way that may give you a different perspective and give some enlightenment on classical homeopathy! 


Impossible Cure

by Amy Lansky

Impossible Cure tells an emotion filled story of one mothers journey to finding lasting help for her child- which eventually brought her to homeopathy. Homeopathy is often the modality of last resort for many! This book is on our new student reading list. 


The Complete Homeopathy Handbook

by Miranda Castro

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro is a great place for beginners to start learning about acute prescribing at home. It is also an easy reference when you need a quick confirmation! Miranda talks about how to take an acute case and gives a wonderful summary of each remedy listed in her book. Miranda is a good friend of AHE- Denise claims to be the president of her fan club! 


The Organon of the Medical Art, 6th Edition

by Samuel Hahnemann, edited by Wenda O'Reilly

We saved the best for last! The Organon is a must-have for anyone studying homeopathy. Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine and without the philosophy behind it, our understanding of how to apply it will be incomplete. We encourage you to get started on the right foot. Wenda O’Reilly created this easy-to-read edition of Hahnemann’s 6th and final edition, which wasn’t released until several years after Hahnemann’s death! He spent his life pursuing the most gentle way to bring healing to others. 

Are you an avid reader of homeopathy books?

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