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Who Decides to Study Homeopathy?

Who decides to study homeopathy? This is a question the HOHM Foundation Research Office has been actively investigating! 

If you are considering studying homeopathy, you may be asking yourself questions like:

  • Am I cut out for this? 
  • Would a career change make sense? 
  • Can I do this as a stay-at-home parent or busy professional?

During the enrollment process, we learn a lot about incoming students. People come from all walks of life to study homeopathy with incredible skill sets that are an asset to the study and practice of homeopathy. Hint: We have stellar homeopaths in our community from all different backgrounds, not just medical! What unites us all is a passion for seeking truth, a teachable spirit, and a desire to help others. 


Here are some themes we see in our students and alumni:

Medical Professionals – About 25% of our students are licensed allopathic or holistic medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dental hygienists, nutritionists, administrators, midwives, acupuncturists, chiropractors, pharmacists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, doulas, and more. Their love for helping others and wanting to make a difference in the world drove them to find more gentle ways. They are in good company because we wouldn’t be here today without Hahnemann’s passion for seeking truth and helping others. Some health professionals are looking for an entirely new paradigm, while others are looking for additional tools for their toolbox. AHE has options for both! Check out Bethany Huss’ journey to homeopathy in this blog post

Educators – Many successful students and homeopaths from our program are educators in various capacities, from teachers to college professors to religious teachers and home educators. Their love of learning is contagious and has helped shape our program into what it is today! Kelly Callahan, Jon Glosser, and Rachel Bongle are three fantastic educators/homeopaths who are not only successful in private practice, but use their teaching skills to help AHE raise up the next generation of homeopaths. 

Analytical/Technical Careers – This is a big bucket – but we could spend quite a while listing off all the specific fields! We have seen accountants, engineers, I.T. specialists, HVAC technicians, and more rock it as homeopaths. Sharp analytical skills and critical thinking are assets when analyzing a case in homeopathy! Our admissions specialist and clinic supervisor, Amy Baglivio, is a shining example of an engineer-turned-homeopath, and we are so thankful for everything she brings to the table! She is a great person to talk to if you are considering a big career change.

Researchers – We are passionate about research at AHE and thankful for the research professionals who have joined us over the years to study homeopathy and contribute to vital homeopathy research. The research team at HOHM Foundation is made up of passionate researchers/homeopaths, who are committed to elevating homeopathy and homeopathy research.  If you have a research background and a passion for homeopathy, you have a HOHM at AHE!

Being a homeopath is the best job in the world. We get to help people become the best version of themselves, be part of a beautiful, healing community, and have an excuse to buy all the books we want. Contact us if you are ready to help us change the world with homeopathy! We are here to mentor you on your journey.

P.S. The more, the merrier in the AHE community! We invite you to follow us on social media, join the HHN group on Facebook, and listen to the SRP podcast! We will have special episodes soon with AHE alums telling their stories about what brought them to homeopathy.