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Role: Faculty

Jon Glosser

Jon is a certified homeopath and special education teacher. For over twenty years, he has worked with students who have unique learning styles and challenges. At

Molly Erlinger

Molly is an AHE alumna and splits her time between running her private practice, Joyful Homeopathy, LLC, and raising 3 rambunctious kids under the age

Farokh Master

Farokh Master, M.D., is an internationally respected, master practitioner and professor of homeopathy, as well as the author of numerous books in the field.  He

Homeopathy School Staff - Luke Norland

Luke Norland

Luke grew up sharing his family home with the School of Homeopathy and has been immersed in the homeopathic way of life since he was

Homeopathy School Staff - Rachel Bongle

Rachel Bongle

Rachel is an AHE alumna and CHC certified classical homeopath. Within AHE, she currently provides student support, oversees written clinical analyses, teaches Clinical Procedural Readiness

Amy Baglivio

Although our family has a history of autoimmune disease, it wasn’t until our son became ill at age 3 that I went into a frenzy.

Homeopathy School - Polly Millet

Polly Millet

Polly Millet teaches the Health Sciences program at AHE. She was previously Professor of Nursing, teaching psychiatric, obstetric, pediatric and medical-surgical content and providing clinical

Homeopathy School Staff - Kim Elia

Kim Elia

Kim was inspired to study homoeopathy when he read Gandhi’s quote about homœopathy, “Homœopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of