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We (Heart) Homeopathy!

Valentines Day is right around the corner! Whether you’re celebrating with a partner or this year is all about SELF LOVE for you, we’ve found some treasures we just had to share including a few great books and some edible goodies for balance.

First of all, have you heard the story about how Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann met and their life together? It was quite the scandal and we set it all straight in this episode of the SRP podcast. There is also a great book about their life together called A Homeopathic Love Story if you want to read more!

Materia Poetica by Sylvia Seroussi Chatroux, MD is a collection of poems written about remedies! They don’t replace your lectures and primary source material, but it is a fun read. Unfortunately there aren’t many copies available on Amazon right now – but you can get them directly from them here.

Since everyone needs some chocolate for the day of love, here’s a little sample reading for your pleasure-

Have you ever felt alone?
Estranged from your family
Forsaken and deserted
Some chocolate’s what you need!
It gives a cozy feeling
A substitute for mom
Perhaps you were weaned early
And now you can’t find home
You’re looking for some food
To kind of close the gap
To kind of lift your mood
Yes, chocolate’s good for that!” 

Do you have some on hand? 

If you’ve been around AHE’s classes or clinics, you know that we are all about Hü chocolate! 70% organic cacao makes for a sweet SWEET treat when you need a knob (as Al would say). The Hazelnut is to die for! 

Another idea: Grab yourself or your partner a bouquet of… flower remedies?! Rescue Remedy can be a really helpful tool to keep on hand. Flower remedies are a nice adjunct to homeopathy care. Similar to aconite in some ways, Rescue Remedy is helpful for initial shock and trauma. Some report immediate relief when using it at first sign of a nose bleed or respiratory distress!
The spray is great for on the go and is easy for topical application! The pastilles can be helpful to soothe your throat during illness- there are many flavors to choose from as well.

Not necessarily everyone’s idea of romance, but Boiron has several remedies on sale or bundled savings! It’s always a good time to stock on essentials like Aconite, Arnica, or even Nux Vomica!

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